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Our kaleidoscopic explorations of form and mandala art, using designs trough collage art, Illustration, graphic design and mixed media techniques to create an alternative universe to reflect the fractal nature of our imagination and the infinite ramifications of creation, thoughts, and intentions re-define the pieces, using it as a canvas or medium to tell illustrated stories narrated through poetry, presented in several acts, as in the theater.

The holdall has a spacious interior, which has enough room for everything from trips to the gym to trips away for the weekend. It is also a great bag to take into work, as you can fit your laptop, paperwork and even a spare change of clothes or shoes if you are planning on heading out after you have finished for the day.

Available in 2 sizes, the smaller bag is like a roomy handbag. Both sizes are available with leather trim. The black rolled leather handles provide comfort whether you wear it on your shoulder, the crook of your elbow or in your hands. 

These Italian leather Holdall custom holdalls are sturdy, robust and beautiful. Each size has its own individual features. These are added to the body of the bag; from internal pockets to lining fabric. You will love the real leather handles, which are so comfortable to hold. 

  • At a glance

    • Printed on Italian leather
    • Italian Leather
    • 2 size options
    • 2 internal pockets
    • 2 zippers
  • Holdalls Sizes

    • Small: 18.3 oz, 11.02" x 12.99" x 5.90"
    • Large: 30.3 oz, 12.99" x 18.11" x 8.66"