$ 97.00

A-U-072-Nuvula Friday Art- Rug

Bring life to tired, empty-looking spaces with these gorgeous Artsy made rugs. Printed onto sumptuous Velvet Shimmer or Marbled Velvet fabric, they're a dream to look at and walk on.

 The cotton fringe adds a traditional aesthetic, whilst the straight edge option is ideal for contemporary spaces. Printed and hand-stitched together, this is a home furnishing that radiates luxury.

Hand Made in London Luxury velvet rugs, Straight edge or cotton fringe Anti-slip latex sponge base with jute rug binder Handmade to order 10-year guarantee on print, material & finish At a glanceSumptuous velvet shimmer or marbled velvet6 size choices Anti-slip base cotton fringe 0.23" thick cushioning

Rug Sizes

Rug 36" x 25"

Designer Rug

Designer Rug

  • Made from velvet with anti-slip base
  • Classic size
  • Optional cotton fringe
  • 10 year guarantee

Care instruction

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.