A-U-063-Nuvula Art - Kika Tote
A-U-063-Nuvula Art - Kika Tote
$ 256.00

$ 349.00

A-U-063-Nuvula Art - Kika Tote

Our leather tote bags are fully kitted out with an internal, dual pocket. The leather tote is available in two different sizes and is fully lined with a luxurious Suede Vision fabric which is fire rated. With a choice of either smooth or textured leather for the outside, the perfect 100% Nappa leather shopper bag. Hand Made in London 100% leather, smooth or texturedLined with fire-rated Suede VisionInternal zipped, dual pocket high-quality pocket zip Choice of thread colors 100% Nappa leather in a smooth or textured finish Fully lined with fire-rated Suede Vision material Inside dual-compartment pocket with zip closure High-quality, stunning Italian zip for pocket

Dimensions (approx) Small - 10.23" (h) x 6.3" (d) - 18.3 oz Top of the bag 18.11", base of bag 13.78" Large - 12.6" (h) x 6.69" (d) - 20.5 oz top of the bag 18.11", base of bag 17.71"Straps - 16.53" long, 8.27" drop

Custom Leather Tote - Kika

Custom Leather Tote - Kika

  • 100% Nappa leather
  • Suede Vision lining
  • Internal dual pocket
  • Available in S or L

Care instruction

Knowing what it wants, which is a little product on it’s all-natural body as possible, simply wipe down and leave flat to dry, a low maintenance companion, no fuss required.

  • Wipe Down
  • Do Not Wash